About Edged Militaria

The monthly militaria show in Waver, Belgium.

Welcome to Edged Militaria!

I’m Louis Leemans, the proud owner and curator of this enterprise. At 24 years old, I bring youthful enthusiasm and a deep passion for these historical treasures. Following in the footsteps of my father, Philippe Leemans, a collector for over 45 years, my journey into the world of edged weapons began at an early age.

Specializing primarily in German WWII edged weapons, I’ve scoured Europe to bring you the finest pieces that encapsulate both historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship. My journey in this field has taken me to numerous European shows, as well as prestigious events like the SOS and Max show in the US.

Edged Militaria is more than just a business to me. it’s a dedication to preserving history and sharing these remarkable artifacts with collectors and enthusiasts. Explore the collection and join me on this fascinating journey through the world of edged weapons.

Why "Edged Militaria"?

Edged Militaria, my company name, draws its inspiration from my core focus on antique edged weapons. ‘Edged’ reflects the precision, history, and artistry of these weapons, while also symbolizing our sharp business acumen. ‘Militaria’ pays tribute to the historical context in which these weapons were used. In essence, Edged Militaria signifies my passion for these artifacts and the dedication to excellence in both the world of edged weapons and entrepreneurship.

Me with my father Philippe Leemans and my brother Carlo Leemans at the Wirges (Germany) Show in 2022.

Me with Alex from WarStory Military Antiques on Youtube at the Houten (Netherlands) show in 2023.

Personal Service

At Edged Militaria, it’s all about personal service and unique items. Unlike mass sellers, I carefully curate my collection, offering one-of-a-kind military collectibles and edged weapons.

There is no “Add to Cart” function or automatic checkout because I want to provide a personal touch to your experience. When you find something you love, reach out to me directly. I’ll answer your questions and assist you in acquiring the historical treasures you desire.


It is possible to sell your items on the Edged Militaria website true consignment. Just Contact me and we can discuss further to help you with selling your items.

Consignment conditions

  1. The duration of the consigment is minimum 90 days, starting from the date of the contract. If however the consignor would recall the items before these 90 days an administration fee will be charged of 10% per item.
  2. If a consigned item is sold, the consignor will receive the sale price minus the consignment fee.
  3. The payment of the consigned items will be in Euro, 14 days after the sale.
  4. The minimum consignment value, single item or as a lot is 100 euro.
  5. Consignment fee (Per item):
    100-1000 euro: 25%
    1001-2500 euro: 15%
    2500 euro +: 10%